Monday, January 08, 2007

Caregiving: Spring Weekend in January

After 61 years the record for high temperature on January 6th around here was shattered on Saturday peaking at 69 degrees. 


(Global Warming? Well, for Al Gore abnormally warm winters in the East certainly are not good personal omens. The last time it was this warm in the beginning of January was the year George W Bush was born. <grin>)


We seized this extraordinary Spring Day in January to do some scootering around City Island in the Susquehanna River. Over the last year, I help Patti to navigate with her progressing visual impairment by “follow my voice”. Of course, I’ve developed a dodge step, like a matador, to our routine. … It was Megan’s first experience as Patti locked in on her voice for scooter navigation. I forgot to warn Megan. <grin>


Colorado’s snow was nothing but rain by the time it hit our Spring temperatures and drowned the rest of the weekend. We adapted by playing indoors and enjoyed a final weekend with our Christmas Tree, our daughter’s last full weekend home from college, and the Philadelphia Eagles on TV advancing in the NFL playoffs.


Watching a TV football game with Patti especially one that goes down to the final play of the game has a special dimension because her MS related short term memory loss and mental confusion can send her rooting for any team, even teams that are not playing. <grin>


Getting an 18 year to participate in family pictures is more challenging than grabbing our cat as her designated stand in. (Notice the proper method to hold a squirming unhappy cat with extended claws away from exposed flesh <grin>.)



One of the Philadelphia Eagles players in response to a reporter’s question about continuing to overcome their season of adversity gave a sound bite answer that struck me as being larger than the game or even good advice for daily living … “We cherish every moment we get to play.” 



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend with your family. It's a family outing to be able to go to Chuckey Cheese's in Columbia for my youngest son. We asked my older son and his wife and my grandson if they would opt to go with us. The obliges and we had a lovely evening. We headed to mall for a few hours for Erin. The children rode the carousel in the atrium. I do love carousels. I was just wondering, if you all go to an amusement park, can Patti ride the rides?

    In Christ,

  2. Can't get over that 69 degrees, just so different.  You have a lovely tree and gave it it's own deserving spot.  Patti has a winning smile.  Sounds a wonderful Christmas and I'll remember the tip for cat :) Rache

  3. Here in Virginia, it has been in the high 60's too for over a month now. We get the rain but no snow this winter. Patty is a sweet looking lady, she is truely blessed to have you all careing for her. I am a caregiver too. That's how I make my living. I've been doing it on & off for 20 years now and love it. It's so rewarding. Now I'm working with the government agency DMAS, and caregiving to special needs foster children with handicaps. Mom has one in a wheelchair, she is 16, can't talk, walk, or do anything for herself. She is a joy tho. Mom is adopting her, so by Feb. I will have another sister.
    Praying for you and your family.
    God bless you for all that you do.
    Liz in Va.

  4. Yes, it is equally warm here... I can only dream of the snow now. Boohoo... anyway, it's been raining off and on, mostly on, for the past three days. Supposed to get down to 25 degrees by early Wed night, so when I go out to do bus/car duty on Thursday morning, let's just say I'm going to feel the bite. At least it won't be raining/sleeting. You and Patti look well, and it looks like you had a nice Xmas with Megan. Is the headache gone now? bea

  5. This weather here in Florida is even freaky. I loved your photos of your Christmas. Thanks for sharing Patrick. Bam

  6. Patrick,
    The pictures of Patti, you and the wild cat are great! The tree is beautiful and I'm sure both Megan and Patti enjoyed spending all the extra time with you!

    BTW, our temp has been dropping all day and is now 40. I think our temps have flip-flopped.... <smile>


  7. you get rain and we get snow yuck i am trying to share lol another storm coming in wed-sat oh joy:) have a good week


  8. Yep we've been getting drowned as well. Today we're sort of back to normal.  Feels like winter outside.  At least for a little while

    Love the pics. You both look great!  So does kitty.:-)


  9. ................a tree still has so much to add to Christmas.  But I won, no tree in this house! LOL   Your's is beautiful and I suppose you took all of the ornaments off, took the tree out, vacumned the needles and icecicles, and vowed to do it again next year if it was wanted!  YOU GO BEYOND GOOD, PATRICK!

  10. Oh my Gosh, 69 sounds absolutely cool here!  We have been in the 80's for a while, I don't like it.  Beautiful tree BTW!!!!  Clawing cats are no fun to hold :)



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