Thursday, February 07, 2008

Caregiving: caring Valentine's Day wishes to all

Caregiving can certainly wear anyone down. Valentine’s Day hoopla may seem more like a Care Bear’s nightmare? 



27 years ago Care Bears first appeared on American Greetings greeting cards before exploding into a world wide 80’s phenomena.


Could anything else have caused ‘care’ to be translated into so many languages? "Les Bisounours” (France), "Die Glücksbärchis” (Germany), "Troetelbeertjes" (Netherlands), "Gondos Bocsok" (Hungary), "Los Ositos Cariñositos," (Latin America), "Cariñositos" (Argentina), "Ursinhos Carinhosos” (Brazil), "Krambjörnar" (Sweden), "Kælebjørnene” (Denmark), "Bergibjørner" (Norway), "Halinallet" (Finland), "Troskliwe misie" (Poland), "Грижовните Мечета" (Bulgaria), "Τα αρκουδάκια της αγάπης" (Greece),  and "(gli) Orsetti del Cuore" (Italy)


As any survivor of the 80’s remembers the Care Bear Stare would send magical light beams of care out of their tummy symbols restoring the balance of caring in the world.


I wonder how much rubbed off from animated bears to people caring for people. That generation of parents is most likely facing caregiving concerns and that generation of children is now watching their parents in ‘real life’ confront care as a reality.


Andy Warhol once asked, “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?”


Caring Valentine’s Day wishes to all,

Deseos del día de Valentine que cuida a todos,

Wünsche interessierenden Valentines Tageszu allen,

Souhaits du jour de Valentine s'inquiétant à tous,


J. Patrick Leer


  1. Wonderful post hon! Caring Valentine's Wishes to you and Patti both! (Hugs) Indigo

  2. and to you, too, Patrick and Patti! I do remember the care bears and all the hoopla about them! we are in that generation where we are taking care of parents (not me but husband and his brother); thankfully husband/me still have our health but that is not a guarantee any day. It is a chore, I know, but you do it so well!!

    (I don't usually direct people to my journal, but my last entry tells why I left journaling for 15 months in case you are interested)


  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and to Patti both.  The 80s were filled with my little girls wanting to collect those bears and they had pjs with them on it.  Those and the Cabbage Patch mania.

    This holiday is also another marketing hype but ah, I like the romantic idea of it all.


  4. Happy V-Day to you too!!

  5. Happy Valentines day to you and Patti


  6. Happy Valentines day to you and Patty


  7. You're a wonderful care bear :) I always liked the blue one.  Happy Valentines day to you and Patti, it's not ours till the 14th........lets hope that means a double wammy of caring for everyone the whole month :) Rache

  8. (((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))I loved watching the Carebears when I was little.Have a good weekend.


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