Monday, November 17, 2008

careGIVING: The Smell of Christmas

'Tis the season when the 'giving' part of caregiving begins to occupy the thoughts of family and friends.

Endoresement by demand prompts this entry. Recently the staff at Patti’s care facility has been bugging me to find some of “that potpourri” that we use in Patti’s room.

Previously in an entry entitled “gift shop suggestions” I mentioned that we stockpile a Christmas potpourri to use throughout the year. Let’s face it; a care facility has unique challenges. If Patti’s room is a year round oasis for all then this potpourri is a winning product.

Each year when we go to buy our Christmas tree at a local nursery we find it in their Christmas shop.

So after some recent Internet research …. Eureka!
You can order
Aromatique “The Smell Of Christmas” on line or click on their retail locator to find a shop near you.

I even learned that you can buy refresher oil to keep “The Smell of Christmas” potpourri maximized year round. Unaware we have just been replacing, this will save some money … thanks!

Besides the fact that the product absolutely transforms even the most challenged environment I was impressed to learn that Aromatique, Inc is a home grown American success story. Patti Upton created “The Smell of Christmas” at home mixing together some local botanicals and fragranced them with oils and spices. Her larger than life story began with placing some in a friend’s gift shop in Arkansas in 1982 and today leads the decorative fragrance industry.

MORE impressive to me is the “smell of success”. Patti Upton’s commitment to sharing her success has contributed millions to the University of Arkansas for Medical Science and the Nature Conservancy among others.

This is Patrick Leer and I endorse this entry.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. I'll have to check it out; sounds like a great product! I bet it smells good too!

    thanks for the endorsement of it too :)


  2. Hey Patrick,

    You can find luxury potpourri and other home fragrance at really inexpensive prices at

    Check it our for Christmas Scents. Countryside Herb Farm potpourri has become a holiday tradition. They also have a good lavender potpourri blend for after Christmas. We lavnder potpourri sachets in the powder room and linen closet.


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