Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Farm Show 2009

If you were to ask Patti her favorite part of the Pennsylvania Farm Show, she would tell you “the Food Court”!!!

(though with MS related dysphagia, caregiver assistance is mandatory to prevent choking)

"The FOOD COURT" is where Pennsylvania’s farms meet the consumer in the most overwhelming, fresh, and affordable menu you will ever find … deep-fried breaded mushrooms, mushroom soup, grilled portabellas, mushroom salad, vegetable soup, batter-dipped vegetables, blooming onions, strawberry slush drink, broccoli-cauliflower salad, chicken corn soup, dill pickles, carrots and celery, broccoli soup, berry pie, pumpkin pie, bean salad, chicken breast sandwiches, turkey barbecue, wings, bucket of chicken, chicken cheese steak, chicken soup, deviled eggs, red beat and mustard eggs, chicken parmesan sandwich, turkey meatball sandwich, chicken chili, trout chowder, tortilla crusted tilapia, cinnamon sticky bun, shoofly pie by the slice, whoopie pies with white or peanut butter icing, fresh apples, apple dumplings with ice cream, apple cider, cider floats, caramel apples on a stick, dried apple snacks, apple or peach sundaes, rib eye steak sandwiches, philly cheese steak sandwiches, beef BBQ sandwiches, beef sticks, peach tea, honey dumplings with ice cream, orchard freeze slushy honey ice cream, honey waffles, maple sundaes, maple yogurt, maple cotton candy, baked potatoes, fresh cut French fries, potato donuts, potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, milkshakes, milk/chocolate milk, ice cream sundaes, deep fried mozzarella cubes with marinara sauce, pork barbeque sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, lamb stew, ham and cheese sandwiches, beef meatball sandwiches, beef sausage, beef/pork hot dogs, steak salad, ham salad, and pink lemonade.

The flaw to the PA Farm Show Complex is that everyone and everything on wheels or unable to use an escalator needs to converge on too few elevators. Wheelchairs, scooters, strollers, assisted walkers, even catering carts create an epic logjam which can easily consume an hour or more of your visit.

We have learned to take outside all-terrain routes between the 11 buildings housing 24 acres under roof; however this solution takes some extra Patrick pushing and pulling power to successfully maneuver.

Patti ends her Farm Show visits with a nice long afternoon nap to counteract MS fatigue while I abuse Ibuprofren and coat my lower back with Mineral Ice.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. oh my gosh! that food!!! I got hungry just reading all that was offered there; I do have to know though, was that turkey in the pen scheduled to end up as a turkey leg (or 2) at the food court later that day?? great pictures; cute description, sore muscles today I would imagine

    but thankful you guys had a good outing and perhaps an enjoyable time :)


  2. Ok, now I'm hungry. Sounds like a great outing, outside of the lack of elevators. (Hugs)Indigo


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