Friday, June 26, 2009

MS: Is a bird in memory worth two on the head?

Picking Patti up for an outing from her care facility:

Patrick: “So Patti did you do anything interesting today?”

Patti: “I don’t think so. My memory sucks.”

Patrick: “Maybe a bird sat on your head?”

Patti: (laughing) “I am pretty sure that no f…king bird sat on my head!”

Memory loss symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can be bizarre and challenging to work with.

Best solution is to be more than a part of someone’s memory, be a part of their NOW.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. so true, Patrick. You can only make a memory if you take the time to spend with someone in order to do so (I hope that makes sense)

    you must be feeling a bit better :)

    two entries in 2 days; that's great

    (by the way, I opened up my corgi blog again; nothing major happening on that one, but I have a private journal; if you want an invite for it, I'll send one; didn't know if you wanted the burden of another journal to read, but in that one, you'll get the "real deal" of what goes on in our household :)


  2. She has never lost her sense of humor I see. I like that in a person.


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