Thursday, October 22, 2009

NEEDED: caring communities

Living with Multiple Sclerosis and MS caregiving can get overwhelming.

In my last entry (What if I’m not the legal caretaker?) one family’s story went tragically wrong.

Richie a MS caregiver blogging from the Netherlands, “A Place To Scream” commented

“sadly I can see how an individual gets overwhelmed … it is a hard life as a care giver and is more than one sad boy could manage- we need caring communities not over burdened individuals.”

Richie, you must have some powerful international mojo because yesterday I received a call from National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Central Pennsylvania Chapter about arranging a day of caring for Patti. Volunteers come to the home for a day of yard work, chores, etc.

“What a difference a day makes” program was debuted a month ago assisting Jay Megonnell in living with MS. United Way of the Capital Region-“Day Of Caring”

With Patti’s MS progression requiring residence in 24/7 assisted care this program is not for us. Yet it could be a godsend for so many living with MS and their caregivers.

If reading this through Patriot News bloglink or living in Central Pennsylvania Chapter area, call 1-800-227-2108, ask for Susan for information.

Pondering ‘caring communities’ and tinkering with Google Analytics I was stunned at the past month's readership of Caregivingly Yours.

Wow, I can still remember trying to create my first entry and wondering if anyone would even read or care.

I believe there are more caring people out there than it may seem.

'How to help' can be more of an obstacle than 'why'.

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  1. Good post and so true. You have a great blog.

  2. that is a wonderful program with the "what a difference a day makes program". I can see how valuable it would be for a person with multiple sclerosis still at home and not being able to take care of some of these chores. that could be so beneficial for other organizations to do too, but I'm sure finding volunteers would be an issue; so glad though that this service is offered in Central Pennsylvania

    that was amazing to see how many countries you are in,Patrick :) you (and your blog) get around :)


  3. As a society, we really must begin caring for each other more, the kindness of strangers is so powerful. That program sounds fantastic. We need these in every city. Would it be so hard? Ask not what other people can do for you, but what can you do for others? Teens need to drop their joy sticks and get real. Parents need to teach compassion and active giving of one's time. I hope a movement will begin, nurses are overwhelmed just as caregivers are. We NEED each other. Great post, Patrick. You DESERVE to be around the world.


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