Friday, January 08, 2010

cluster headaches - fall out

Sorting through an abnormally unruly pile of year end paperwork waiting to be filed, I am forced to remember that 2009 included my longest and worst episode of cluster headaches, 9 weeks in duration with 95 cluster headaches.

“If someone in your home is seriously ill …”, I never really even noticed that line on a late utility bill from that period until recently sorting files.

Was I seriously ill? Are cluster headaches disabling? Debilitating?

Yes, yes, and yes but only during an actual cluster headache and that could mean 15 minutes up to 2 hrs in duration. One would be hard pressed to find a medical professional to declare you seriously ill, disabled, or debilitated for intermittent specific blocks of time.

And of course who except someone who actually has cluster headaches can understand the fall out of the shell shock and sleep deprivation that accumulates between cluster headaches as the episode runs its course.

So how do you answer the question, “If someone in your house is seriously ill…”? Not NOW, but if you come back around 2:30 AM and watch you will see a horror short that will freak you out of your skin.

However that was then and this is now. 2:30 AM will find me asleep!

Curious what the picture is of? Guessed yet? … You are looking at discarded blocks of ice from our backyard bird bath.
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Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. I remember when you were having that long bout of clutters hell. Here hope your free of them this year.

  2. to me, as you describe them, Patrick, those cluster headaches do make one seriously ill so I think you would qualify for that statement no matter how "short" the duration of that seriously ill definition might be. I can't imagine how debilitating they must have been for such a long duration of time

    I can only hope you are spared of them for this year and beyond



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