Wednesday, April 18, 2012

transition to care facility

My first morning after surgery coincided to the day with Patti’s admittance to a care facility years earlier.

How after 22 years of spouse caregiving had I missed this extraordinary ‘coincidence’?

What would happen to Patti should anything happen to me as her spouse caregiver? – was among our concerns as the dawn of the care facility era approached after 15 years of homecare.

Knowing what we know now and because of the care facility era, the answer is … Patti was worry free, stress free, safe and seamlessly cared for throughout my diagnosis, surgery, and recovery.

This blog was originally created to share that transitional year for Patti’s family, friends, and anyone that may one day journey down the same path.
Back then as one entry shares an Internet search found only 3 caregiving journals and 3 Multiple Sclerosis blogs. Cyberspace is a different universe these days.

Anyway blogs remain difficult to read in retrospect because you have to read them backwards. So as I found myself rereading that transitional year while recovering, I reorganized the entries in chronological order.

For convenience, I have posted them as a permanent page with the tab ‘care facility transition’ at the top of this journal.

Those entries remain a real diary of one family’s transitional year to the care facility era after 15 years of homecare for Multiple Sclerosis. 

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. Patrick, I always find such helpful information in your blog. When you wrote about Long Term Care Insurance, I remember a conversation with a friend many years ago about that topic. We were ruing the fact that we never purchased it for our mothers. Now my mom is in LTC, and I'm regretting that I never purchased the insurance for ME!
    I've been reading your posts for a long time, but I'll check your new format for any I may have missed.
    Hope you are continuing to heal!

  2. That took a lot of work to organize that page, Patrick; but I can see it would be beneficial to have it like that for people to refer if perusing your blog. I'm amazed you've been blogging for such a long time on one consistent blog :)

    hope you are all feeling as well as you can and enjoying spring :)


  3. I found your blog interesting and helpful too. I'm looking for some more blogs over home care and I got some nice blogs as well. If you can mention some blogs, I'll be delighted.


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