Friday, April 27, 2012

Lung Cancer Surgery Recovery Update:

Returned to Planet Fitness on Wednesday, six weeks to the day after successful lung cancer surgery. Cleared by surgeon, I completed full circuit of strength training equipment at "girly man" resistance with no problems. Get to add 10 lbs per day. Awesome scar!  Working on my 'shark bite' stories for Jersey Shore surf this summer.

Returned to MS Caregiving on Thursday, taking Patti for an unassisted outing, driving our wheelchair van, picking Patti up at her care facility, pushing and pulling Patti in her wheelchair in and out of our van and all around Walmart. ... No, not the most exciting outing but we needed to replenish her preferred brand toiletries, etc. and Walmart is if anything 'level' and big.

Surgeon offered that while I may be able to rebuild to pre-surgery strength levels in gym in a week, it may take two weeks before I return to pre-surgery caregiving abilities as more muscle combinations are involved.

I behaved and did not attempt a 'one person unassisted transfer'. I am saving that for the finale in likely two weeks. 

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @
Lung Cancer Odyssey @


  1. Glad to hear recovery is on course and you can do a few more things Patrick!! Do be careful when you try the one person unassisted transfer though!


  2. I'm not recovering from any surgery, but I took some time off from working out(just been walking & doing simple home stuff). This just pushed me back to the gym.

    Some things we shouldn't "attempt" yet. I'm bad at that too. But I am hoping you hold off until it is really time.

    1. Hi Mary! Glad I could help though actually all I could do for 6 weeks was walk and not lift anything over 5 lbs. I was going stir crazy. :)

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