Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MS independence takes support

“Noticing I’m wearing an old MS Walk shirt that exclaims “Every hour SOMEONE LEARNS they have MS!”… OK so how often does someone learn they are a MS caregiver?

We are never really diagnosed … to paraphrase Shakespeare from ‘Twelfth Night’ … “Some are born MS Caregivers, some achieve MS Caregiver and others have MS Caregiving thrust upon them.”

For …
Posted by Patrick Leer—July 17th, 2013

"Living with MS as a family and dependence can be a contradiction in care. With MS symptom progression, my role as caregiver became increasingly necessary because bottom line … ‘Independence’ takes support.”

“It's my job as MS caregiver to help every family member remain as independent as possible (and oh yeah, kind of like Santa please don’t let anyone see you do it).” 

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