Monday, July 25, 2005

Please COUGH!

To me part of TO CARE is that you MUST carve out time for both of you. (This seems to tie into the 'new theme' of exploring T S Eliot's "Teach us to care and not to care.")


Convenience and spontaneity are functions more suited to the able bodied world. You just have to block out time, prepare and adapt.


It will NEVER be easy and most likely challenging in spite of your best plans. The world is not really accessible but then again it is not exactly inaccessible either.


Since transition to a care facility I worry that Patti would feel the absence of family all the more on Sunday with a building full of visitors because most residents only get visits once a week. Patti on the other hand has visitors, outings, and visits home throughout the week however her MS related memory problems impair that recall.


Yesterday, Sunday, Patti and I took a leisurely roll through the park to the movies to watch Steven Spielberg’s “War Of The World’s” (with buttered popcorn, Twizzlers, and soda, of course), desert at Dairy Queen, and a bit of a Blue Grass music concert in the park on the roll back.  

I’ve always enjoyed the original book by H G Wells (and all the many adaptations) – what an ‘off the wall’ message that our germs and diseases are our best defense against the evil aliens. …. please make sure to go outside and cough before you go to bed so we all can sleep safer. <GRIN>

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