Friday, July 29, 2005

Sauntering along the tracks into town or watching a storm front pass over the house at sunset – these are word mines for poets.


     As for me, I’ll just have to share these pictures in an attempt to capture …


     Caregiving also needs time to be alone, to think, to refocus, to remember how to dream.

Picture from Hometown


  1. Yes, You must have dreams--and having a life is not being neglectful of your loyalty, love and duty to your loved one.  You MUST take care of yourself also.

  2. Also,   I like the pictures.  Railroad tracks have a special place in the memory book of my childhood.

  3. But are a poet.  A word smith.


  4. ....your entry brought tears to my eyes, because I often fail to see the beauty that is around me.  My eyes are  too clouded trying to block out the pain I see.  Thanks for giving me a wake up this morning.


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