Thursday, September 08, 2005

Caregiver 54 yr old auction virgin

Medical equipment and supplies are essential to caregiving. Professional labels such as “dealer” or “supplier” are often a euphemism for racketeer. Controlling costs is pressing.


Reading the newspaper last night, my attention was grabbed by a line in an ad for an auction barn - “homecare equipment and wheelchair”. Though the barn is less than 5 minutes away I was a 54 yr old auction virgin. Curiosity changed that forever.


What good ol’ fashioned down home fun! (…and the least expensive dinning out in a long time) Imagine the Dukes of Hazzard meets the Home Shopping Network. <grin>  eBay, yard sales, whatever … they cannot hold a candle to this atmosphere.  I am digressing, forgive me, back to the topic.


The wheelchair was an Invacare. My guess would be the original racketeer sold it for around $500. Condition was excellent. Bidding started at a $1 and sold for $14. !!!!!


Homecare equipment was sold as a ‘lot’ which included a free-standing portable commode, walker, and exercise peddling machine. Again everything was in excellent condition and the complete ‘lot’ sold for a total winning bid of $11. !!! 


Now old toys were another story - selling for hundreds. A 4” long metal Greyhound bus sold for $235 yet all that homecare equipment and wheelchair combined went for $25. Go figure.


I never realized this resource existed before. Obviously it’s hit or miss, but if you ‘hit’, it’s a jackpot!


  1. Now that's what I call a BARGAIN!  Thank you for answering my questions.  It only took me a year to get back to you - (smiling).  My alerts were not working for a long time and yours and a few others where comments I missed.  I happened to go back to the journal to get some info that another journaler needed...and that's how I came across your name.  Better late, than never.  You, sir, are a remarkable and very loving soul... love is what it takes to be a caregiver for  life or until death do you part.  I have been a caregiver for the terminally ill for 17 years.  After my son died, I took time out to care for myself and this worn out body and soul.  God bless you and your family.  I look forward to reading more...from my heart to yours,  gloria  

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