Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sign in / calendar

(The following excerpt is reprinted from a recent “Hints From Heloise” column: )


Handy Calendar

     Dear Heloise: Writing out phone numbers in large letters and numerals for a friend or relative in a nursing home is a good idea.

     Here is another one: Use a calendar and have visitors sign in on the date they visit. For residents who forget and think no one visits, you can show them, “See, I was here on Monday.”

          The calendar also provides topics for conversation, since visitors can see who else has visited and ask about them. These ideas were helpful when my grandmother was in a nursing home. ---   Patty in Minneapolis


     An oversized (20” wide by 29” high) hanging wall calendar has faithfully served in Patti’s room. An identical sized calendar was (and remains) the focal point of our kitchen at home, tracking appointments, school activities, practices, and so on.

     Originally Patti’s calendar was intended as a visual link with daily life at home. Colored markers help keep it both visually functional and fun. “Sign in” on the calendar simply evolved. 

     Patti’s friend, Sharon, refreshed the idea with an in-room log book enabling additional notes, thoughts, and ideas from visitors.

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