Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Caregiving: birthday

Patti’s birthday was Monday and she got it into her head that she wanted to go to a casino. That “mountain momma” West Virginia was the nearest, just 80 minutes to Charles Town.


She had a grand time. Obviously attended assistance is required but that didn’t stop her enjoyment of slot machines of spinning fruit, talking leprechauns, sliding seals, and enchanted forests.


Dinner was excellent and after 4 hrs Patti was “ready to go to bed” <grin>. Surprisingly we had lost only $22, it costs more than that for a movie and concessions.


  1. Sounds like fun!! I may have to try that on my next fun weekend!! LOL  Happy Birthday, Patti!!


  2. Happy Birthday Patti! What a great fun adventure that was!! You didn't lose $22, Patrick; you gained more memories :)


  3. Patrick, thanks for giving Patti a "fun" birthday.....she won more than her parents did and we were there two days!  We did see a great show "The Beegee's" a sound alike trio of guys that were really,really good! Had a great time but won no money. Thanks again

  4. ....my first visit to a casino in 8 months was so much fun....I can just imagine how much Patti enjoyed the excitement of the lights, colors, and bling bling........go for it as often as you can!   Jack and Sue

  5. sounds like a great way to spend a b-day to me!

  6. How fun!!! I like the one armed bandits myself. I am with you Patti...Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!Bam

  7. Happy Birthday Patti :)  You looked very happy :) Patrick, I saved that "cowboy" email for my hubby and asked if he would take a portion of a CNA course. He said he would check into it :)


  8. Happy Belated Birthday Patti!  I know you had a great time.  I can tell.  These are some wonderful pics.  You enjoy life as much as possible.  You deserve it!


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