Friday, September 15, 2006

Caregiving: scootering in fog

No ‘gypsy’ closet today, I reconfigured the van with Patti seated in her wheelchair and loaded in her scooter.


We were doing some all terrain scootering in a local park. Just before twilight a bank of ground fog began to form over a meadow.


The MS daredevil gave it a look …


And charged right in riding around in the fog …


When the fog cleared Patti was still there though headed in the opposite direction. <grin>


While her scooter has a beep beep sounding horn, I guess a proper fog horn could be in order!


  1. wow, it comes on pretty fast?? One wouldn't think that; is it close to water? WTG for Patti for charging through, fog and all!


  2. wow lots of fog:) patti looks like she is having a blast:) before long snow ugh.. have a good friday


  3. Looks like a beautiful place. Bam

  4. Patrick,
    It looks so peaceful there!  When I first moved to the area where I presently live, it was foggy every morning in August that year.  I love the fog... makes everything seem so mysterious... Looks like Patti enjoyed herself!!

  5. Great shots in the mist :)

    The Daily Warrior

  6. My camera doesn't do fog well... yours turned out great! Frolicking in the fog... now say that one three times real fast! Bea

  7. Love your use of photos in the entry.  I wish I could be out there too, whipping through that fog, leaving curlicues in my wake.  Yeehaw!

    I'm excited to find your blog.  There's not enough of the caregiver perspective out there.  Here you have so many resources, it's well written, and the place looks great.  What a gem.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Abe Munder, the Wheeled Wonder

  8. Love the pics.  You did a great job!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day.


  9. Just like Patti to charge through the fog since she's used to charging through her own fog on a daily basis.  Beautifully done.  As always, I thank you again for visiting my journal and putting such kind and sweet comments in there each and every visit.  You always manage to bring tears to my eyes in a good way.  Hugs to you and your family.

  10. Nice photos!  Looks like Patti had fun!


  11. .........Patti you're lovely, there's no fear there......wish I was hanging on the back. Rache


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