Monday, November 13, 2006

Caregiving: it's always NOW

It’s always NOW! That’s probably a fair way to capture Patti’s perspective. Multiple Sclerosis related cognitive dysfunction and deterioration of memory and short term memory basically bounds her time in “NOW”


It’s not earlier, it’s not even a couple minutes ago, … it is always NOW. Long term memory so far is fine, the in between is a mess of short circuits.


For the able minded interaction can be perplexing. We have the choice to make this emotional, or sad, or poignant. We also have the choice to roll with it and enjoy the "NOW" time.


Patti essentially forgets what she forgot. It is a hang up of the able minded to turn that into an abstract thought. <grin> Instead savor a great laugh a second time, an encore for the able minded, new to Patti.


Enjoying some ice cream over the weekend, Patti inhaled her bowl as she does with all frozen treats. Like most ‘normal’ people, I live in fear of brain freeze, something she is somehow immune to. I noticed her head ticking back and forth like the pendulum on a clock between my bowl of ice cream and her empty bowl trying to work out the difference.


“How Wude!” she exclaimed with a smile as she believed she had figured it out. (And in a fair Jar Jar Binks impression, I might add.) “You’re eating a bowl of ice cream and didn’t give me any.” ... In "NOW", I was guilty as charged. I could only chuckle and dish out half my ice cream into her bowl.

… Hey! This could be a new diet fad. <grin> 


  1. :) Ja Ja binks.......serious but I smiled, turning things around you do that best. Rache

  2. I like 'now'... especially when it comes to ice cream!  
    Patrick, you just seem to go with the flow, no matter what!
    And it sounds like the women in your life keep you on your toes! <grin>
    Have a good one!

  3. This is a totally funny scene!

    You had me feeling your pain in the cluster headache entry, and now I'm laughing at your laughing at your wife's reaction to an ice cream treat.

    Patrick... I enjoy reading the able minded observations of the everydayness of your life.   <grin>  Bea

  4. ........I laughed till I cried and thanked the powers that be, we are not there yet!

  5. Lol.........You may be onto something there with that diet thing...Bam

  6. I do think you are right to keep your sense of humor about changes in the brain.  My mom did some peculiar things after she became brain damaged from strokes mixed with possible Alzheimer's, but I had never laughed at her so often in my life. She acted like she was glad when she amused us.  My sister would regularly report what all the other old and disabled were saying in her care center, too! We laughed because the last thing my mom did before she went into a coma was try to chuck my sister on the chin with her fist. She took it as a joke.   Gerry

  7. Such a gift to be able to write about such a heart rendering thing with such elan and wit, such insight into the disease's humorous side, which they all have I'd say.  Thanks for a charming entry, Patrick.  xoxo CATHY

  8. There is even a book out called the "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.  Looks like Patti has this down!  Love your reaction and perspective, you are great!


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