Monday, July 16, 2007

Caregiving: 1994 Mother's Day

We are taking a little time travel with this entry back to Mother’s Day 1994.


Well intended teachers annually have students make cards or such for a Mother’s Day activity. Megan, our daughter, was always confronted with the uniqueness of living with MS as a family, because of MS symptoms her Mother was not like other Mothers. Patti could not see or read any ‘card’ and her symptoms and level of disability prevented her from most maternal relationships discussed in class. In Megan’s world her Father did all these things.


Recently converting some aging video tapes to DVD I rediscovered this “Mother’s Day video” Megan, as a Kindergartner, had made for ‘her Mom’.. Patti was in Pennsylvania and Megan wanted to send her a Mother’s Day “video card” she could “see” and enjoy on a mega screen TV.

Megan used her Sony drawing pad, a high tech Etch-a-Sketch, which connected to a TV and displayed her work on the larger screen. I simply stood back with a video camera and recorded. The artwork and narration is all our then young daughter.


(Some readers have noted they have challenges using the journal video display as a link. For your convenience you can simply use the following links to view the video directly.)

You Tube

Google Video


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. Oh Patrick! Thank you and Megan for sharing something so sweet with us! I loved it....

  2. (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))Very sweet,thank you for sharing.Have a nice evening.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. ;o)

  4. Very sweet, and very good idea.

  5. what a great idea:) you both have a very special daughter :) enjoy your week


  6. What a clever little artist Megan was then, hopefully she's still using her talents?  And thank you for those links, very helpful.  Stay well - CATHY  

  7. Perfectly precious!  Thank you for sharing this card. :)


  8. ...........teachers are not perfect! LOL For 40 years I probably made many many mistakes with students who did not fit the box....I tried to always remember who and what but sometimes we goof up! Anyway the art work megan did certainly was a love gift for her mother.

  9. How adorable... to hear your daughter's young voice at that age... and how she explains what she is doing. Quite articulate for a kindergartener. I'm impressed. I can imagine Patti was delighted to receive this card from her little one. Does Megan still make videos for Patti? (or now it may be DVD's). bea


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