Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MS Caregiving: X-rays and slot machines, a birthday story

Celebrating Patti’s birthday on Tuesday was certainly an interesting day and one that reflects the support she needs and has for living with Multiple Sclerosis.


The night before I had flagged ‘for the record’ Patti’s deep bronchial cough. Tuesday AM after her doctor had examined Patti during morning rounds, a chest X-ray was ordered and Patti was started on nebulizer treatments, 'as needed'.


One PLUS to care facilities is that doctors do make early morning ‘house calls’ and care plans are implemented immediately such as the nebulizer. Mobile chest x-ray unit arrived, took X-ray, analyzed ASAP and faxed results. X-ray was negative. … Nothing in home care can match that. <grin>


Multiple Sclerosis is about an immune system that is out of whack so you cannot really take chances or ‘wait and see’ when dealing with any health changes. … After the X-ray results she was started on cough specific medication.


and then … we were off to Charles Town, West Virginia for some birthday fun. Patti enjoys the mega-neon, Disney World like environment of the Charles Town Races & Slots. Unlike so many other public activities EVERYONE is sitting down, so Patti does not feel like she is lost in a forest of walking people.


Gambling in West Virginia is legal at 18 so our daughter joined us adding to the family birthday celebration and fun for Patti.


Being a high priest of the First Church of Mathematics <grin> I often preach the fool’s game that casinos are IF you think you will win; however you CAN mathematically control what you loose and maximize your fun. A couple hours of playing and fun PLUS food cost us $27. 


To close the day, Patti was happily surprised to discover birthday presents from her brother on her bed.


Living with Multiple Sclerosis, or I suspect any long term physical or mental condition, IS NEVER just about celebrating a birthday. Any given day is a blend of health care and family. As the primary caregiver, you stay the course and find the alchemy to produce fun.


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. Happy happy birthday Patti :) you had a full day. Rache

  2. Happy Birthday Patti:
    From one Patricia to another.  Glad you had a great time with your family.
    Patricia in Chicago

  3. Happy Birthday to Patti !!!  And many more...
    So glad you guys had a fun and inxpensive way to celebrate.  
                                 Smiles,  Leigh

  4.  Happy birthday and what a wonderful idea your day was.  


  5. I'm glad Patti didn't have anything worse than a cough! It can get rough when it's worse than that for the 'regular' people! It sounds like everyone had a great day!!  It's always great to see picutres of you guys!

    I thought I had seen you in church! <grin>

  6. what fun:) Please wish Patti a belated Happy Birthday:)


  7. Patti gets excellent health care. I haven't thought too much about health care facilities... you are not talking about a nursing home, are you? I've heard too many horrible tales about nursing homes... but this place that Patti is living in sounds like much more than a place to leave an aging, dependent adult. She actually gets appropriate medical care there. How did you go about selecting a health care facility for her? Did it take a long time? I want my mom to come live with me, but she isn't ready for such an arrangement. Still independent and capable of taking care of herself. Still, I wonder if she will ever need so much care that I couldn't provide it unless I quit my job. What would I do then? I haven't had time to look into facilities. She objects to a nursing home... there are those around here, but I don't hear people shouting praises for them. What do you tell older people like myself who have aging parents, who want to take care of their parents? We are not wealthy people! bea

  8. ....I love slot machines.........I  lose my worries and just enjoy watching the dancing images!  I limit myself and my husband has always said it was cheap 2 years I have been 3 times........each time staying a little over aan hour.   I want time to sit down and have some fun!  One of these day I will get a break I am sure...........I have my 70 birthday coming up..........maybe my family will send me to see the Indians/Casino to celebrate! LOL

  9. .....HAPPY BIRTHDAY  PATTI.....and what a great idea!  

  10. Happy Birthday Patti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sept. birthday's ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel better soon! HUGS


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