Friday, April 04, 2008

Caregiving: ripples of caring

See me. Hear me. Know me and know yourself. Caring blogs / journals connect you not only with others like you but with yourself. 


It’s humbling to me that this token of admiration has rippled through the blogosphere to include “Caregivingly Yours”


from: Mandy of MS Maze who received if from

Lisa of Brass and Ivory, who received it from…

Jim of Jim’s DEEP Thoughts who received it from…

Angela of Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy who received it from…

Jen of Find Out What Jen Finds who received it from…

Maddy of Whitterer on Autism who received it from the originator…

Kelley at Magneto Bold Too who thankfully explains it’s meaning!!!

“When the girls and I want to express our mutual admiration in public we say ‘Less than Three’. If you look at it sideways: <3 looks like a heart.”


Above are lives and stories, some living with autism and parenting, and others living with Multiple Sclerosis.  


Without hesitation, I connect this ‘less than three’ string out to the Oklahoma prairie to Sue with “A Day In My Life …”.


Caregiving for both her husband disabled with Parkinson’s and her aging Mom, Sue may as well rewrite the boundaries of caregiver and living.  “A Day In My Life …” is a must read.


I would also like to thank author Carol Bradley Bursack, “Minding Our Elders” for highlighting one of my recent entries.


“Caregivingly Yours is a wonderful blog in general. "Caregiving: Co-dependency vs. Caregiving" is one that gives us excellent food for thought. Be sure to read both sides by clicking the headline links. Enjoy!”


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 





  1. I earmarked this Patrick and will come back to check out those journals when I have a chance;

    neat award and that's neat Carol Bradley Bursack highlighted one of your entries; its just too bad the circumstances surrounding the notriety but you are doing such a good valuable needed service for so many in your shoes


  2. Thank you, I value your support.

  3. ((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))Thank you for sharing this info with me.

  4. great entry:) i love a day in the life she does amazing things. have a good weekend



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