Thursday, June 26, 2008

caregiving: You Tube and caregiving

20 months ago this journal was chugging along sharing the journey of caregiving and living with Multiple Sclerosis. 


Then a special education teacher planted a seed and pushed me to be more as a communicator. Jackie of AOL Journals, Life in Bama nudged me toward You Tube.


Yesterday Caregivingly Yours videos on You Tube crossed the 40,000 viewer mark, running circles around this original journal views in half the time.


These are not videos of pop culture but rather a hidden or private view of life, caregiving. Some have been the first of their kind and it has been a pleasure to watch the ripples of others sharing their lives. 


More outstanding to me has been the world wide views. Backtracking links I have found Caregivingly Yours videos embedded in journals and sites written in French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and languages that have stumped Google translator. Plus our English speaking cousins in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, and New Zealand.


You Tube demographics of world wide video views of Caregivingly Yours videos paints a picture quite different than the You Tube stereotype, not youth but an aging population: 

It is impossible not to wonder about the appeal of video communication vs written. Maybe it is the visuals of seeing real people with real challenges? Maybe the 21st Century simply demands multi-media communication?


Whatever! A special education teacher, AOL journal writer, caregiver emeritus, and most of all a friend in Alabama gets the “muse” credit for this benchmark.


To paraphrase Boston’s Brahmin, Henry Brooke Adams (only seems appropriate for a ‘Bama Woman) “A teacher affects eternity, she can never tell where her influence stops.” … Thanks, Jackie! Y’all take care now!


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 





(also available in Blogger edition, Caregiver Blog: "Caregivingly Yours")



  1.  That is wonderful.  Isn't it wonderful how easy it is to reach so many people these days.  Your video's are great


  2. (((Patrick)))
    Thank you so much for your kindness!!

    I'm so glad to see YOU are having such an influence in the world yourself!
    You have a message to send and you are doing such a wonderful job of it!
    I'm just tickled to think I have been a part of increasing the world's knowledge of caregiving, as well as MS and how it will affect everyone, at some point, in their lives. Plus, Patti is just a hoot. I love hearing how she just tells the world to go f*ck off when she wants to! <grin>  Gives me something to look forward to!

    BTW, all the trips were real this time!


  3. have a wonderful weekend:)


  4. There's a lot of good stuff on YouTube... one needs only type in key words to find a video that fits what one wants to write about... I think what you are doing is wonderful... and I am not surprised by the number of people who are reading your website and viewing your videos. They are entertaining, educational, and personal. I like the personal aspect of them the most. bea


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