Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sunflower fields forever

Sunday I drove pass acres upon acres of sunflowers being farmed along US Rt 15, sunflowers blanketed farm land on both sides of the road about a mile north of the Rt 30 interchange just north of Gettysburg, PA. 
I ran out of adjectives so I rounded everyone up for an outing Monday evening.

Yes, stopping on the shoulder of a 65 mph road to go wandering around some farmer’s fields is not the smartest idea, but then again I have done dumber things.

Patti was not impressed and chose to stay in the van. Pushing a wheelchair through a sunflower farm would not only have been an ultimate challenge but left some fascinating tracks for the farm workers to figure out.
All in all it was kind of a yellow version of the poppy fields from Wizard of Oz.
Personally I never even knew there was such a thing as sunflower farming. Just proves that some outings can be educational for all.              

Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 


  1. beautiful sunflowers!! what an adventure I'm sure

    okay, here's what I'm wondering, what do they do with the sunflowers after they farm them? sunflower seeds?

    sounds like a fun time :)


  2. I rememeber driving through sunflower fields when I lived in NE Ohio.  They follow the sun, so would face east in the morning and west in the evening.  Then, when they were mature, would just hang their heavy heads.  They were the big ones though, 6-8 ft. tall.
                                                                            :)  Leigh

    1. Do you remember where they were?
      I'm looking for one!!

    2. basic directions are in the post ... however I know for a fact these fields are not planted with sunflowers this year

  3. I love sunflowers! There is a house not far from me that always has a smaller field of sunflowers, but alas, they are all gone now. For me, sunflowers always make me smile!


  4. (((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))That is so kewl,I love the pis of you and Tyler.I would have loved to lay down in that feild of SunFlowers.

  5. Gosh they look wonderful, I didn't know there were sunflower farms either........what a nice job working in all those :) Rache


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