Thursday, September 18, 2008

caregiving: wild, wonderful and down yonder

“Wild, wonderful” seems to capture both Patti and Wednesday’s birthday outing to Charles Town Races & Slots.                   

After 53 years of life with over 40% of them disabled with ever progressing Multiple Sclerosis, Patti still laughs and lives life.

Requesting to go to Charles Town, Patti interestingly remembered how it is infinitely more wheel chair friendly than Pennsylvania’s newer accessibility ‘in name only’ casinos. And with Pennsylvania’s recent fascist smoking regulations, heading to ‘freedom of choice’ West Virginia was where she wanted to go.

Being legally blind and with short term memory loss Patti enjoys machines that are large in display and rarely stays long at any given machine. More games interact with you vocally which amuses her to no end.

No one can win in a casino but you can control your losses. After almost 3 hrs of playing we spent just under $15, or about the price of movie theatre admission for two.

We gave the SunDance Grill a chance for dinner. Casino dinning is one of the few “steals” left in the world, with quality high and prices low.

Driving home when I stopped for gas I confirmed that I was heading in the correct direction to the Interstate. The clerk pointed down the road I was traveling and said, “just keep driving that way and it will be down yonder.”

Back in the van I began musing out loud about “yonder”. Is yonder always down? How do you know when you have reached yonder? Or left yonder? … As we approached ‘yonder’, Patti interrupted my musings by making the sounds to the introduction to the Twilight Zone. We both started laughing and laughing and could not stop until we safely left yonder.

Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 


  1. "Fascist smoking regulations". Perfect description!

  2. Happy Birthday, you both must have had a wonderful time.
    Congratulations and many more birthdays to Patti.
    What a day, it's great how you can have fun with just a couple of dollars at a casino.
    Take care and lots of love and hugs to Patti
    Patricia in Chicago

  3. Happy belated birthday Patti!! what an enjoyable day!!! so cute laughing about what is down yonder; sound effects and all :)


  4. Aww, Happy Belated Birthday to Patti!!  
    I'm 53 next month.
    Now I've got that Twilight zone theme stuck in my head.
    Glad you both had such a good time.
                                                                      :)  Leigh

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Pattie :)  I can imagine the twilight scene, infectious laughter everywhere.  I can see you had a lovely time just by the picture.  Rache

  6. ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI!!!!!!!!Sounds like She had an AWSOME time.I love the theme song of the Tqlight song.LoL.

  7. I enjoy casinos and agree with Patti that talking machines are great!


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