Thursday, October 09, 2008

What the @#%& is a fluffernutter?

Picking Patti up Wednesday for an outing I asked as always what she did today? As usual MS memory loss produces some variation of I do not remember.

I noticed on the activity board that it was National Fluffernutter Day and making fluffernutters had been the afternoon activity. Asking Patti specifically about this she replied, “What the @#%& is a fluffernutter?”

Normally I would haven been equally perplexed though probably used a different choice of words. Patti’s MS cognitive progression can spawn some colorful language.

Coincidentally, Tuesday night Jennifer was not only explaining fluffernutters to Megan and I at dinner but sang the fluffernutter jingle, claiming that probably less than 100 people on earth could do it.

"Oh you need fluff, fluff, fluff to make a fluffer nutter,
Marshmallow fluff and lots of peanut butter.
First you spread, spread, spread your
bread with peanut butter,
Add marshmallow fluff and have a fluffernutter.
When you enjoy, joy, joy your fluff and peanut butter,
You're glad you have enough for another
fluffernutter. "

And we wonder why the People’s Republic of Massachusetts is a bit odd?

Patti guessed she was trying to nap and if someone had woke her up to come make peanut butter and marshmallow crème sandwiches she probably told them what they could do with their fluffernutter. You can imagine your own expletives!

Fortunately I was whisking her off to Brusters for a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate milk shake and ‘ciggies’. Now that is her kind of activity!

Bless the activity staff and volunteers at care facilities who try everything and anything to create time and interest. Sometimes the strangest things work, just like peanut butter and marshmallow creme.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. O WOW the memories this brought back! Fluffernutters, YAY! And all that Fluff we'd eat right out of the jar. I have NO problem singing that ole jingle LOL! xoxo

  2. That is so funny. I have never heard of the song or fluffernutters either. Sounds.....interesting, LOL.

  3. I am surprised at Patti's comment since it sounds delicious! The facility there sounds so wonderful!

  4. We used to call them Boston Creme Sandwiches. You should of seen the look I got from people in the South when I tried to explain what they were. Kind of like the same expression you get from Northern folks when you try to explain the concept of grits. I can see those sandwiches being an activity. It's a real bull getting the marshmallow to spread sometimes. I think it's awesome they keep coming up with new varying things to keep them occupied. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. I learned something new today reading this; I had no idea what a flutternutter was, but I want one of those shakes you guys were going to go and get; that sounded delicious!!!

    (you found me before I found you; I've been meaning to reconnect with your blog over here but between watching Lost, working, etc. etc. the days sometimes get too short; I'm glad you commented so I could follow you over here; I put you on Google reader, my first blog I did so, so hopefully I'll get notices of postings; otherwise I marked you in my favorites to visit; thanks for your kind words)

    enjoy the day :)



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