Sunday, April 12, 2009

a caregiving Easter

Easter Sunday at a care facility is an anomaly. Parking lot full, sounds of children playing, families together. Wouldn’t it be nice if every Sunday was like this?

With progression of Patti’s Multiple Sclerosis related optic neuritis and visual impairment (legally blind) shopping for gifts has evolved from challenging to strangely fun. I push her around a store until two requirements are met. First, she can actually “see” it; second, it fits on her lap.

No Easter baskets, flowers, frankincense, or myrr from us!

After an Easter Sunday feast with Patti’s family, it was off to City Island to get in a couple miles of practice laps for the MS Walk next Sunday.

Pushing a wheelchair or better yet 160 lbs (145 Patti +15 chair) over 3-4 miles of neighborhood sidewalks and streets is not exactly something I pull out of the hat once each year. We TRAIN!!

Unless you have actually spent time in a wheelchair you may be surprised that even being pushed over that distance up and down curb cuts and bumping over uneven sidewalks takes training.

By 4:30 in the afternoon Patti wanted nothing more in the world than to “go to bed”.

Pennsylvania, Camp Hill - walk MS: Central PA 2009

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. loved the frog, Patrick, I hope Patti enjoyed it too! Though I wasn't sure if the gift was the frog or the bull, I would think both of them might have easily been seen by Patti and could have fit into her room?? (just kidding, I know the frog was the gift, right??)

    good luck with the walk! I'm hoping it will be a great weather day and tons of money will be raised for a worthy cause :)


  2. The frog was so cool, that would have been my choice also. Those wc are tough to wheel around, you must have arms of steel.

  3. I found you on you tube - Daddyleer - and so enjoyed your video (when Patti was naming the 13 animals). Laughter is an important medicine, I've always believed that.

    I couldn't help but laugh along with you. I also love Patti's Easter gift - her frog made me smile.

    My hubby, Cir has MS and although he hasn't progressed to the point of your Patti, I share many of your feelings as a spouse caregiver. Love your site and blog!

  4. Patrick, it hurts me that I can only give money. I remember Patti first as a little pain in the neck cousin; then as a Penn State coed when I lived in State College; then as a source of weed for Ron and me at Dean 4th of July picnics at Harold and Gloria's.

    God bless you for the care you give. I wish I could do more.

    Barry (Lewis)


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