Friday, May 15, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis & childhood alchemy

Different points of view tell the story of living with Multiple Sclerosis ‘as a family’.

MS and Mother’s Day for Patti’s Mom holds memories ranging from a toddler daughter taking her first steps to that of an adult daughter who can no longer walk; a mind numbing time line that only a Mother’s heart can know.

Patti celebrated only one able-bodied Mother’s Day before Multiple Sclerosis robbed her. The intensity of onset and progression has left her a spectator or absent for so many traditional ‘firsts’ as our daughter grew up.

Our daughter Megan was 18 months old when Multiple Sclerosis changed our lives. Progressing MS symptoms have highlighted yearly the difference in her mother daughter relationship from anyone she has ever known.

15 years ago, confronted with the task of making a home made Mother’s day card, our then 6 yr old daughter used her different point of view to hit one out of the park.
While Patti and I always worried about the impact of MS on raising a child, here was Megan addressing both her Mom’s visual impairment through video which could be viewed on a larger TV screen and her Mom missing her (Patti was having a particularly bad spell and staying with her folks). Childhood alchemy changing anxiety into hope.

Never underestimate different points of view.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. priceless, Patrick; just priceless; such insight Megan had at such a young age. oh how it should have been different, but allowing a relationship even in the present circumstances. I stand amazed and at awe with Megan's ability to grasp it even at her young age!


  2. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend.



  3. We have raised 2 kids after MS to 19 & 22, I have had a weird MS for 30 years. I tried very hard to make life normal for them, and they ignore the MS too much. My son grew up playing with wheelchairs, he still loves them. All MS seems to be different. Kids do adjust very well to their circumstances, You are doing a great job

  4. Wonderful blog. My wife has MS. Thank you very much. Tristan


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