Wednesday, December 30, 2009

car talk for caregivers

Is it possible to wear caregiving on your sleeve? I am beginning to wonder if it is not some kind of aura.

Our old faithful 2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon was declared ‘totaled’ on Christmas Eve following a snowy accident the week before. (stranded in the snow)

Ever since living with Multiple Sclerosis entered our lives vehicle needs are different than most people.

Pulling out my measuring tape tends to derail sales pitches. There must be room for a wheelchair or scooter. While yes we have our Dodge Grand Caravan IMS RampVan (wheelchair van), our second car must be able to serve as a back up.

Patti needs the option to pull herself up on the vehicle’s door frame out of her wheelchair, the strength of door and height of vehicle matter. You may be surprised how many vehicles only have a door bottom with the upper part window glass only.

Dealers often were in the ‘inquiring minds’ mode. Some either had a relative or friend caring for an aging parent or special needs child.

They more than knew the ‘statistics’ of US auto accidents after all it is part of why people need to buy cars. 

The ripple effect of those dependent on that ‘statistic’ is a sobering perspective. Every 12 minutes someone dies, every 14 seconds someone is injured in an auto accident – what happens to those at home dependent on that person?

The majority of car accidents occur less than 5 miles from your home. How many home caregivers roll the dice every day, just quickly running out for something?

To me a 20 yr caregiving veteran, that’s life. I was surprised to see non-caregivers give it thought and concern. Of course, they are sales people and who knows how genuine.

Whatever … after days on the internet and days visiting dealers it was time to park a 2008 Kia Rondo V6 LX in the driveway, kind of a station wagon on steroids.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. Nice ride, Patrick!

    I read your accident statistics while Scarecrow happened to be out running an errand. I would be in deep yogurt if something happened to him. I honestly have no idea what I would do.

    Note to self: arrange for backup/respite for Scarecrow. I *need* to do this!

  2. love your new vehicle, Patrick. I think some of their concerns were genuine, I think it makes one stop and think when presented with different circumstances they hadn't considered before even within their own families

    safe driving and traveling!!!


  3. Love the new car! And glad that you and your loved ones weren't hurt in the car wreck.

  4. Love the new back-up!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Some of us are very genuine and like to make sure a vehicle is a good "fit" matter what the reason :-)

    I am glad you are happy with it ... I wish you many safe and pleasurable miles!

    Hanover Toyota/Lots for Less

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