Saturday, February 13, 2010

get your caring mojo going

Once upon a time, by one magical ‘dawn's early light’ …
‘we the people’ were blessed with snow from ‘sea to shinning sea’.

49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii's the holdout 

Get your caring mojo going! Living with a disability is living on the edge whether independent or assisted. There is no extra time in a day.

Embrace winter! Enjoy snow! Look around and CARE. Helpful services such as ‘Meals on Wheels’ are often suspended. Would you like to go without a meal for a day? Wondering why your neighbor’s driveway is not shoveled? Stop wondering – shovel it.

As the inches pile up, so do your chances to care.

Here is an excellent example from the Nation's Capitol:
Schools Ask Community To Help Shovel Out

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. I did hear that all the states got snow yesterday except for Hawaii; good point to get up and help others who are impacted with the weather like shoveling, bringing meals, etc but its almost like some database has to be established with who might bring meals brought to them, etc. I can see shoveling because you would know the elderly people in your neighborhood (perhaps) but you might not know for sure who was getting Meals on Wheels or not.



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