Saturday, February 06, 2010

shoveling snow for a cat

22 inches (56cm) of snow can affect life, yet cats help us all keep it in perspective. Our cat, “Stardust” could not push open the flap on her cat window this morning. It was time for yours truly to get busy, and supervised.

Before I could start on our vehicles and driveway, additionally a cat trail was necessary in the back yard.

Back in December a 22 inch (56cm) snowfall left me stranded for two nights. This time it was on my home court, bring on the rematch!

Unquestionably heavy snow falls also affect both visiting and/or outings with Patti. There is some intangible balance between safe travel conditions and keeping Patti part of life outside her care facility walls.

"Neither snow, nor rain … stays these courageous couriers …” Yes, the Greek historian, Herodotus was referring to Persian mounted couriers, 2500 years ago, but it equally applies to caregiver mentality.

So we bookended the snow storm with outings. Lunch and errands as the first snow flakes fell, Friday afternoon. Then after spending today shoveling, I managed to navigate our wheel chair van for a Saturday evening outing.

Interestingly I found Patti already in bed when I arrived to pick her up. She told me she was not feeling well and had been throwing up all day. Not that I do not believe her but I know that Multiple Sclerosis related memory loss and mental confusion sometimes gets the better of her. Checking with nursing staff and aides they were not aware of any vomiting, nor had Patti complained of not feeling well. Whatever! The offer of an outing and a ‘smoke’ instantly cured the patient and she was ready to roll.

While we managed to be out and about, few others could say the same. “Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell declared a statewide disaster emergency … National Guard forces were deployed to help state police” Unfortunately, not much was open, even McDonald’s was closed!

Yet one wheelchair van rolled through the streets with two occupants having a grand old time enjoying the snow.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. that is a lot of snow Patrick! I've been known to shovel a path or two in our past to accommodate a corgi when lots of snow fell in Montana

    glad Patti and you were able to enjoy the snow on relatively quiet streets

    stay safe


  2. Glad you got Patti out for some fun in the snow and the cat got out too. Now we're ready for snow in Chicago again, looks pretty though.


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