Sunday, March 21, 2010

knee contractures Multiple Sclerosis

A sing-a-long of “Dem Bones” may have held the clue all along to the recent mystery of intermittent pain in Patti’s thigh and hip.
“The leg bone connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone connected to the thigh bone,”
The suspected culprit is “lack of use” of Patti’s SoftPro Static Gel Knee Orthosis for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis knee contractures. The recent change in Patti’s room resulted in changes in staff that interact with her daily. Patti gladly said “no” when asked and knee orthosis use faded away.

Restoring a daily routine of wearing the knee othosis for two hours has reduced to nearly eliminated complaints of pain in thighs and hips. More extraordinary to me is how effectively Patti is again extending her legs when transferring.

Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis knee contractures takes time, effort, and commitment. MS Society UK explains it all far better than I and specific to Multiple Sclerosis in this video “to guide physiotherapists in treating those with MS with joint contractures and improve disability and pain.” Symptom Relief - Relieving tight painful joints 

It gets all the more complicated when cognitive impairment and memory loss are part of the symptoms.

Exercise and/or treatment are never easy and will always be difficult … yet also ‘connected’ just like dem bones to every other aspect of living with Multiple Sclerosis.

On the topic of exercise:
Pushing Patti 3.5 miles is NOT an everyday occurrence. Training for the annual MS Walk has become a rite of passage for us from Winter to Spring.
The terrain and exhibits of the Army Heritage Trail is a favorite training camp. Capturing Redoubt #10 is an accessible version of Rocky’s steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. On the balls of my feet I muscle Patti's wheelchair up the hill, then overpower gravity and momentum on the way down. Resting at the top after half a dozen successful captures and over the screams of my leg muscles I hear Patti remark “this looks familiar”. :)

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Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. Patti looked like she was having a great time.
    Have fun on the run.

  2. Glad the mystery was solved on Patti's pain. Good luck on the MS Walk. If you post the link to your pledge page, I'd be happy to pony up a bit of dough in support of your efforts.

  3. great picture with you and Patti, Patrick. I love her "this looks familiar" line. Just think what great shape you are getting into!! do be careful though out there with your training sessions

    glad the culprit was found out too with what was causing Patti's pain.


  4. Great article. I remember the days when we have to manually do ROM on every patient, when short staffed it was terrible. I am so glad they have come up with reliable methods to help prevent contractors, they come up so fast.

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