Friday, July 16, 2010

an outing of fun and danger

Ever get nostalgic for a perfect milk shake?

Driving by we’ve noticed the 50’s Malt Shoppe in Carlisle and it looked fun. We also noticed there was no apparent accessible way in.

Like many establishments in historic and older towns the wheelchair entrance is in the rear. Being me, I visited before hand to walk the ground and measure door widths.
You could cop an attitude and stay away or you can look at this as a private entrance with a personal tour of the kitchen before dinning. It worked perfectly for us and staff could not have been more hospitable.

Atmosphere is well, 50’s Malt Shoppe with a perpetual juke box of 50’s music.

Food was excellent! Price was affordable!

Patti has Multiple Sclerosis related difficulty in holding objects and food. Their old fashioned milk shake glasses and their cheeseburger sliders where absolutely perfectly sized. Patti ate and drank effortlessly!

Applause! Applause!

Then … two miles away sitting at a traffic light - WHAM!!!

Patti said it best, “What the hell was that?”

Gratefully determining that Patti and I were neither bleeding nor broken, I was impressed to see that all our wheelchair tie down latches and seat belt had worked perfectly. Patti’s wheelchair and Patti had not moved an inch while plastic dashboard Jesus had flown off his velcro mount and odds and ends were all over the place.

Thankfully also the driver who rammed us was neither bleeding nor broken. Soon we were joined by Police, EMS, and Fire Department. The ‘lady in the wheelchair’ was enjoying getting more than her fair share of attention. She was a particular hit with EMS with her ‘colorful’ answers to neurological Q & A.

While we waited for accident investigation it was a blessing our van was operable and air conditioning could keep running for Patti.
Our van survived drivable and wheelchair modifications seem unaffected. Our side mounted ramp deployed and retracted without a problem.

Hopefully insurance and repairs move along rapidly. Mostly, I am grateful there was a today, and IS a tonight. In the blink of an eye …  

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. Yikes! Am glad you two are ok. And, are you serious about the plastic Jesus taking flight? I had a roar over that!

  2. Yep Bibliotekaren, Patti and I also had a laugh over that. Obviously velcro is not enough, someone needs to make and market a seat belt for plastic dashboard Jesus. :)

  3. What a scare! But thank goodness neither you nor Patti were hurt. And what a wonderful experience at the 50s Malt Shoppe.

  4. The malt shoppe sounds like fun. The collision less so. Glad that your bumper did its job and took the blunt of the force. Even more glad that you and Patti are fine.

  5. A seat belt for a plastic Jesus... now that's a marketing concept! Glad you and Patti and the van are all OK.

  6. Judy, Lisa, & "zoomdoggies" thanks for the well wishes. That plastic dashboard Jesus really knows how to steal an entry. :)

  7. I'm so glad you guys were okay! I can imagine the look of the driver's face when they realized what/who they hit. (was the driver okay???) had to laugh about the velco statute, maybe he wanted to be in the driver's seat and not affixed on top of the dashboard :)

    seriously, really glad you guys are okay and that no injuries occurred and the van was driveable.

    malt shop sounded fun too!! I'm sure this is one for the memory books indeed!


  8. I laughed and laughed about the plastic Jesus. =) I also wanted a malt!

    I'm glad everyone was okay.

  9. What a blessing no one was hurt. Not so much for plastic Jesus, though, eh? lol I guess He was so busy taking care of everyone, He had no thought for Himself. lol

    My daughter was rear ended last year at a stop light, hit so hard she was propelled into the intersection. It was a miracle no one was coming in either direction, but my little Mazda as totaled. :( Turned out I bought an SUV that worked out so much better for my walker and wheelchair and easier for this MS'er to get in and out of the car. So it worked out fine, except for the numbskull who almost killed her. He got tickets out the wazoo.

    The best part? I rented a car from Enterprise until I bought a new one. When I got the accident report three days after the accident, lo and behold the guy who hit her and turned my life upside down was...the guy I had just rented the car from. And he had been working at the time, so Enterprise was responsible for everything. They were very happy to make me go away and I was very happy with what they paid me to do so. :)

  10. God has blessed on all people that no one hurts. Very rare accident.

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