Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Employment is challenging for everyone right now, though for some it is far MORE challenging than others. The unemployment rate for those with disabilities is almost twice as high as those with no disability.
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
“…Individuals with disabilities are a vital and dynamic part of our Nation, and their contributions have impacted countless lives. People with disabilities bring immeasurable value to our workplaces, and we will continue to address the challenges to employment that must be overcome. This month, let us rededicate ourselves to fostering equal access and fair opportunity in our labor force …” President Barack Obama 
Visit - US Department of Labor: Office of Disability Employment Policy  

or click What can YOU do?
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. completely able bodied or not, I think the majority of us do have a desire to work and be productive; hoping something eases with the economy so that ALL who want to work can find jobs :)


  2. There's a podcast round-table discussion taking place this Friday, 10/8 entitled "New Perspectives on Disability Employment".

    Round table guests include Cari Dominguez, Former Chair of EEOC, Sheridan Walker, president of HirePotential, Jon Hyman, Partner at Kohrman Jackson & Krantz, James Rodriguez, Strategic Military Talent Manager at BAE Systems, and Kevin Bradley, Director of Diversity at McDonand's.

    For more information, please visit http://www.eventspan.com/event/2010-10-08-a-new-perspective-on-disability-employment

  3. When I led the city of Seattle Employees with Disability Association, this was always a big month. We held events across the city and I spoke before city council with figures in hand, showing how every other minority group's numbers had gone up while ours went nowhere. We always fell behind in jobs. Yet, if I do say so, we were the BEST employees!!


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