Monday, October 25, 2010

wheelchair accessible corn maze

   On a 75°F (23.9°C) Sunday afternoon in October one voice in my head screams ‘corn maze’, while the caregiver voice wonders is there even such a thing as a wheelchair accessible corn maze?

   Googling and phone calls led me to Hayman Farms, seven miles northeast of Carlisle, PA. 

   Hayman Farms is a privately owned working farm venturing into agritourism.  Calling them I hear them say their maze is accessible but hearing their neighbor uses a wheelchair and is one of the first through the maze is all the proof I need. … The heart is always the best blueprint.

  Now add Multiple Sclerosis symptoms of short term memory loss and visual impairment (legally blind) on top of the bafflement of a 2 acre corn maze, … well, I am quite sure that Patti and I have never laughed so hard in the middle of a field of corn.
   Afterwards, we (OK, maybe just me) had time to grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals, "of courserous! Can't you?" While Patti and her goat buddy tried to ignore me, the sheep was captivated by my singing.
   As the day was simply marvahlous dahling, we headed next to picnic in Willow Mill Park . You just do not find many parks that have pavilions with ramps and an entire row of tables custom cut for wheelchairs. 
   What better way to end the day, then settling in on the shore of the Conodoquinet Creek for some whale watching.   …
   Never did see one but that’s OK, when the day started I had never seen an accessible corn field either.

   Adventures in accessibility are somewhat like a recipe. You take a dash of daydream mix in planning and work and with a pinch of good luck, let the good times roll.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. it sounded and looked like it was an absolutely marvelous Sunday afternoon! that was so neat to have the wheelchair accessible corn maze! definitely a kind compassionate person would take the time to make it so for all to enjoy!! corn mazes are always so interesting to go through too; I end up getting lost and usually rely on the navigational system of others to get me outof them (ummmm wonder if GPS would work in one.... :)

    laughed about the whale watching comment; took me just a minute to think "but they don't have whales in Pennsylvania"

    this outing was one for the memory books I do believe!

    glad you both had a great time :)


  2. Sounds like the perfect day for two perfect people!

  3. My husband has MS and my son is blind and autistic. This post confirms to me once again that there are so many good, thoughtful people in this world.

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