Wednesday, November 10, 2010

caregivers of veterans

Caregivingly Yours salutes ‘caregivers of veterans’.

I thought I had seen everything until I read a report released today from the National Caregiver Alliance that caregiving grows more complicated and demanding when the people cared for are combat-era veterans with service-connected disabilities and illnesses. 

Everything about this is wrong. The report should have a ‘shock and shame’ affect on we the people. Politicians get too much mileage out of legislation that is swallowed by bureaucracy.  We NEED to make this right!

“They lost legs and I walk.
They lost minds and I think.
Sometimes, they lost lives and I live.
I am grateful to them. Grateful!”
Maya Angelou

How paradoxical that on this same day, ground was broken in Washington DC for a disabled veterans memorial?  The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial 

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. can't get the link to open on my computer, Patrick. I'll have to try it on another computer tomorrow. I'm thankful we have people willing to go out and protect our freedom. I think we need to acknowledge that and take care of them when they return and help out as much as we can to meet their needs.


  2. Yes agree! We need to do all we can, to remember and appreciate the Veterans. My Husband is a vet, and I take it for granted too much!


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