Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baby, I’d walk through bull sh*t for you

Probably not the most romantic verse but ‘baby, I’d walk through bull sh*t for you’ is no expletive when pushing a wheelchair through the livestock pens of the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Nor can I remember Patti ever laughing harder and longer than at my footwear misfortune. Alas, it’s all in a days work of a caregiver / carer.  

Who would have thought that Texas Longhorns roam Pennsylvania? Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than most beef and able to thrive on marginal pastures apparently the old ways are becoming the new ways. … nor is a written sign necessary to warn you – do not pet the calf. J 

Eventually the Farm Show becomes about the Food Court and we found ourselves addicted to schroomies (button mushrooms stuffed with cheese and jalapeno) from the PA Mushroom Growers Cooperative, before sharing a grilled portabella sandwich. Leaving just enough room to share a bowl of lamb stew from PA Livestock Association and wash the whole meal down with chocolate milk shakes from PA Dairymen’s Association. ... Sharing food I’ve found is a sneaky way to assist Patti with eating in public. Looks more like “taste this” than feeding someone.

While the Farm Show Complex is wheelchair accessible attendance overwhelms resources. Elevators are simply not people movers and the sheer numbers of baby strollers, wagons, vendor carts, scooters, wheelchairs and companions make wait time too much a part of a visit.
For years now we just roll along our work-around, no wait, no crowds and then there is the ‘ciggie’ break bonus of using outside.

Maybe it was too many mushrooms but it sure looked like Patti was pulling an enchanted carriage …
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. another fun adventure for the two of you! the food sounds delicious! I like your strategy of sharing food and preserving some of Patti's dignity, very clever Patrick!!

    loved the picture of Patti in front of her coach, simply dazzling!


  2. HA! Sounds fun! Love, love, love the idea of "sharing food".

    I hate to use a cane cuz I'm carrying my purse and NO, he can't carry it. I won't let him. LOL. Sooooo, I use the "boyfriend arm" to get around.

    There are tricks to getting around things!

  3. Stepping in It must be a caregiver thing. Scarecrow could never go to a dog show without executing a pedestrian indiscretion. Must be something about a s#!t magnet.

    This reminds me of eating my way through the Ag fair in Michigan !

  4. The sharing food thing is absolutely brilliant. I hope you don't mind if I pass that tip onto the caregivers I meet, now that my own caregiving days are over (at least for now).

    Haha to Have Myelin-- my hubbie carries my purse for me all the time. And he's a real man's man type too. I think he's worried I'll leave it behind somewhere!

  5. So, if your footwear got mucked, I imagine the chair needed a wee bit of cleaning? Or is that when you dropped Patti off at the care center and ran? ;)

    Looks like a good time.

  6. bibliotekaren, when pushing a wheelchair the pusher cannot see immediately in front of their own feet. Successfully maneuvering a wheelchair through obstacles does not guarantee your own. :) Happens a lot with puddles also. The axle of the chair spans while I end up in them. :)


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