Tuesday, January 04, 2011

calories oppose freedom

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother …” could only be sung by someone who never lifts another human being on a regular basis.

Loosing weight tops New Year’s resolutions.  I would like to add a unique motivation - if you are not easy to lift your quality of life and options will be less.  

Every second that everyone one of us lives we only grow closer to the day when we will all need the assistance of another for our activities of daily living.

Whether care facility or home care weight affects freedom. The difference between a visit and an outing is lifting.

For many of us, even before we arrive at our own need for assistance, we will spend years even decades as caregivers / carers. Excess weight can cause or contribute to back pain and that is an option that carers / caregivers do not have. You are what you can lift.

I do not mean to shock those who worship at the Church of Gadgets but there is no lifting attachment on a Swiss Army Knife or any lifting app for a phone. Sorry you can’t even tweet about it, takes two hands.

Whether a lifter or a liftee or simply in line waiting -   hey, let's be careful with the calories out there!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. I think this is the best motivation to reduce calories in this new year, Patrick! I hadn't thought of it in these terms before, but they are very realistic possibilities. As I reduce in this coming year, this will be one of my (many) motivating factors. Very wise words indeed!! Hope you had a nice welcome into 2011, however you celebrated it!


  2. That opening paragraph was a true LOL moment! And, as I don't know what my neurowonk progression future holds, I should drop the extra 10+ lbs that everyone says I'm hiding nicely.

    As an aside, 20 years ago I was on my OT internship. My first patient was a ~300 lb Yup'ik (Eskimo) woman who'd had a stroke and spoke no English. I was to go over the various activities of daily living with her, which of course include transferring. :0 :0 :0

    Fortunately, she was relatively able to assist in the transfer. :)

  3. A good reminder, Patrick, and a kick in the behind telling me to stop with all the Christmas goodies, and get back on a regimen. My Hubby isn't getting any younger, and he has a bad neck. So if I'm going to need his help, I'd best get back to my tininess of years past!


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