Thursday, July 07, 2011

a special providence in caregiving

Would it surprise you to know that the “golden years” are nothing more or less than a catch phrase of an investment firm advertising campaign from the 1950s, no more real than “finger-lickin’ good” or “where’s the beef?”

Long, healthy, and productive lives? “The U.S. ranks last overall with poor scores on all three indicators …” How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

“Roughly 12 million Americans of all ages need long-term supports and services because of disabling conditions--for example, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson's disease, or the effects of stroke. These conditions hinder people's ability to perform a range of "activities of daily living," including basic personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and undressing, feeding themselves, getting in and out of bed, going to the bathroom, and walking or using a wheelchair.

About two-thirds of today's 65-year-olds are expected to need long-term services and supports to help them carry out these tasks at some point during their lives.” "Health Policy Brief: The CLASS Act," Health Affairs, May 12, 2011

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “There is a special providence in caregiving or needing care. If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all.”
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. wherever you guys were in the woods, Patrick, it looks like it was a nice place to spend a summer day! We do need to be planning better for the needs of caregiving and caregivers down the road. lots of us are heading in that age group that will be one or the other; some like you just got there sooner so you can continue to spread the message of the importance of considering care or giving care in our lives. Interesting about the golden years; funny I was on another blog this morning where she was wondering where that phrase came from.

    hope all is going as well as it can!


  2. It is so disappointing to witness how we are failing in our health care system. I'm personally reminded of what is lacking in the mental health system and see it every day in my professional life as well. It is sometimes so discouraging and feels as if lawmakers either are complacent or just don't live in the same world as the rest of us.


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