Saturday, August 06, 2011

where geese do the flamingo

Since the care facility / nursing home era of living with Multiple Sclerosis I find myself motivated not only by a commitment to 4-5 outings per week but an effort to make each outing 'hand picked'.

With temperatures only in the 80’s we could actually try some outside time. Parks are favorites as most are wheelchair accessible and while Patti is visually impaired nature is supportive with sounds and smells.
There is something special about enjoying a ‘ciggie’ while LeTort Spring Run chased itself over rocks and under ducks.

Nature trails in general are reasonably accessible though as pictured genuine accessibility in nature takes maintenance.
Shrinking government budgets plus more volatile summer weather can make it challenging.

That was OK we had plenty to explore. A huge wooden playground, pavilions, shady grassy areas and a spray pool  – almost a throwback to open urban fire hydrants of days long gone.

While I resisted my ‘inner imp’ to just roll Patti under it – I have no doubt were it last week with 100 degree temps we would have been rolling through there like a train schedule.

LeTort Park is not advertised as “accessible”. Divided by LeTort Spring Run, an elevated pedestrian bridge (walkers only) connects to the other half of the park.

Our half was however mostly accessible or "pushable" if determined and certainly enjoyable.

All things said and done, just relaxing and watching a Canadian Goose do the flamingo was rather entertaining.
When he or she decided to try being a songbird shattering the twilight peace with a honking serenade – I’m not sure which was louder the honking or our laughter.
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. Looks like a great outing -- glad the Canadian geese were entertaining instead of aggressive!


  2. Donna, this goose was just 'conflicted' :) though I did think about you and your super-soaker when we encountered the spay pool.

  3. Peace be with You Judy

    Thank you for taking care of Patti. All MSers benefit from knowing that someone is caring for one of us.

  4. Judy, thanks but all in all isn't it just about 'doing unto others ...' and, of course, having some fun doing it.

  5. What a beautiful outing you took her on, and I can see just how difficult it would have been to push the wheelchair over that ground. I am impressed by your aim of 4-5 outings a week, I honestly don't know how you can do that -- it's a huge undertaking. Yes, I know it was fun for you too, but it was also a lot of effort. Great work!

  6. Thanks Barb, you remind me that we carers do tend to talk about things like terrain and numbers without even thinking about how 'physical care giving' may or may not translate to the lifting and pushing involved.

    Our best to you and Don!

  7. That water looked so refreshing.....I would have been tempted to just stand under it. I also admire your commitment to 4-5 outings/week. Are you still working Patrick or retired? I know the amount of time required to plan and execute outings that can be enjoyed by all. Looks like this one was a winner!

  8. It looks like yall had fun despite the heat. I love the looks of the geese but I do not get close to them....

  9. "oklhdan", working full-time / part-time, or part-time / full-time depending how you look at it through it all.

  10. Kim, come to think of it - it's always been interesting how animals react to Patti's wheelchair and/or scooter. I know what you mean, geese can get aggressive but never toward Patti in her chair and all things considered she's more vulnerable than a standing or walking person.


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