Sunday, October 07, 2012

Annette’s caregiver pulls back the curtain

Annette Funicello’s spouse caregiver pulls back the curtain on not only the toll of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis on their lives but her recent CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) treatment.

Annette Funicello and Glen Holt
 “Now in a world exclusive Annette Funicello is back in the public eye. Glen Holt, her husband, invited W5 (Canadian news magazine television series) into their home to show the devastating effects of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis and to talk about his 25-year quest to find a treatment to help his wife…

… Today Annette receives around-the-clock care. She is fed through a tube and must be carried from her bed to her wheelchair.”

Back in 1992 when Annette Funicello first went public with her diagnosis of Mutliple Sclerosis it was a pivotal moment. Patti while technically diagnosed 7 years earlier had suffered her first major exacerbation 3 years earlier in 1989. 

Diagnosed with 'chronic progressive' MS, they just faded away, as do too many. Caregivingly Yours was launched several years ago so one life would not disappear drowned out by the Big Pharma marching band of treatments for milder MS. 

My hat is off to them both for inviting the world in to see that MS needs to be cured not treated.

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  1. She spoke of having symptoms come and go for years, Patrick, I don't see this as the 50% average course of ALL multiple sclerosis. Maybe that IS what you are saying. And in that regard I totally agree. Big Pharma and MS Assocs. just want to DISMISS the TRUTH about MS. They SAY the WORDS, but once you progress too much you must DISAPPEAR. People have trashed on me, Doctors AND ppl w/MS in beginning stages, when I remind them what MS is: a CHRONIC, PROGRESSIVE disease without a cure. I will NOT be dismissed. Then no cure needs a rush, no money needs to be given to R&D...we are all off skiing, Mt. climbing, doing book tours like Annette. AARRGGHH

    1. Diane back when Patti and Annette were diagnosed there were only two types of MS chronic progressive and remitting remissive. I am lost as to how many there are supposed to be now days, but none of the meds or even attention ever go to chronic progressive. IMHO MS organizations and especially Big Pharma just hope progressive MS people just fade away, they can be such an inconvenient truth.

  2. I am glad you posted this...I wondered what happened to Annette...25 years. This disease is so bad

    1. Thanks Kim! While I am glad for those who can benefit from modern MS specific medications for milder MS, stories like above that feature 'celebrities' affected by more progressive MS are the only way to shout loud enough that for too many treatment is not acceptable only a cure.

  3. Annette caregiver have pulled back curtains. Know more from the post

  4. Such an inspiring story. Me and my leg vein removal center likes the blog that you've shared here. Thanks a lot.

  5. I have watched and adored Annette since I was a teen. I saw her on TV years ago and saw the horrible effects of MS. Now her suffering is finally over. She is an America Icon.


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