Thursday, November 29, 2012

first snow push and roll

Maybe it’s the combination of reading other Multiple Sclerosis related blogs and the dawn of the 23rd year of our own story of living with MS but my heart goes out.

Maybe Guns N’ Roses was right, “... Nothin' lasts forever … and it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain …”

Others all seem like such youngens either chronologically or in terms of MS progression. I pray they all can stay forever young, stay forever mild. It sure doesn’t get any easier.

Whatever, as long as I can still push a wheelchair and the first snow falls it was time to get Patti out for a push and roll through the park adjacent to her care facility.
MS dementia symptoms are such cunning thieves. Patti enjoys the ‘now’ of the push and roll but she quickly forgets as she remembers her longer ago pre-MS times skiing.

Then it was home for dinner and back to my ongoing project to extend Patti’s self-feeding for as long as possible. Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving left overs are not exactly dysphagia friendly food and require me or someone to feed Patti along with verbal cues.

On the other with the flick of a switch our gas fireplace leaps to life as I hand Patti a bowl she can self-feed with cut up MorningStar Farms vegetarian buffalo wings, cut up mango spears, and grapes to enjoy in front of a fire after a push and roll through the season’s first snow. 

One way or another we all live 'in the now', some of us just remember it. 

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @


  1. I hope you and Patti continue to enjoyably first snow falls together!

  2. I just cant' get it into my head the concept that it is winter already with snow. Having said that, it sounds like you guys had a great outing and the food, as always, looks delicious!


    1. Betty, technically it is still Fall but once those holiday decorations go up, bring on the snow!

  3. Patrick - I admire your thoughtfulness with Patti and the continuing energy you bring to Patti's outings.

    1. Cranky we both are kindred spirits of the north wind.

  4. "vegetarian buffalo wings" – the concept is just wrong in so many ways, but if it's something Patti can eat without help, they have at least one redeeming feature!

    1. Hi Zoomdoggies! Loved your remark. As the package says "Buffalo-sauce flavor baked into crispy, boneless, veggie chicken wings". As a soy based chicken substitute obviously they are boneless which is critical for Patti when self feeding. Plus our daughter eats vegetarian and turned us on to them a couple years ago, frankly they are more convenient to cook up and better than the original if anyone has problems holding food, especially dangerous chicken bones.

  5. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy the snow. We just got rain from that storm. The food bowl idea of yours is so clever as you continue to find enjoyable meals for Patti. (Just be careful of grapes -- they can be potential choking hazards if not sliced in half.)


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