Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Caregiving and voting

Tuesday was Election Day and we continued our unbroken streak of exercising our voting rights in spite of the obstacles and progression of MS.


We discovered that our "coroner" is an elected position. Fortunately he was running unopposed.


Of course municipal elections tend to lack the voting day intensity of Federal or State campaigns. Regardless, Patti has a knack at turning voting into an entertaining experience.


We get to choose to keep or repeal judges. MS symptoms can impair Patti's ability to control volume when speaking. While helping Patti with her ballot, I softly asked her if she wanted "to keep or get rid of XXX". I do believe everyone in the room jumped as Patti yelled "KEEP HER" as if she was at a football game! This got us both laughing and wondering why.


Fortunately up here the election officials just enjoy the break from the monotony unlike Patti's infamous voting experience in Maryland shared in VOTING & MS from last November.


  1. I just read the MS and Voting story. Hysterical! Tell Patti ,I think she is a Hot Ticket!

  2. I am so glad to know you both are still tearing up the voting polls....

    we have to vote by mail around these parts....not fun.


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