Saturday, November 19, 2005

Caregiving: suicidal Bambi

     Driving home Friday evening a whitetail buck leaped across the path of a tractor trailer and landed on the front of my Aerostar Van.

     Bambi's chosen moment for suicide was particularly startling as I was riding along with cruise control set for 60 mph  and had just double checked driving environment as I was aware of a tractor trailer passing me on the left and another coming up on my rear. Bambi appeared ... and disappeared ... with a thump and crashing glass (of my headlamp I guessed), bouncing off toward the 18 wheels passing on my left.

     No affect on my van's operation nor me, I just continued cruising in pace with the tractor trailers. Ford built a great vehicle when they built the Aerostar Van. Collision with 150 - 200 lb deer at 60 mph and it just drove home like nothing happened. I was STUNNED when I parked and saw the damage to the body work.

     Parked side by side with our Taurus station wagon in the drive way, I can't help but notice that the height of the impact would have slid the deer right through the driver's side windshield if I had been driving the Taurus. What a different outcome a simple twist of fate can control?

     Thursday night I had to slam on my brakes and swerve into the opposite lane (fortunately empty) to avoid another suicidal deer while driving in Maryland just outside Baltimore.

     I'm rethinking the whole big car vs little car debate.

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  1. Oh wow Patrick!!!!

    With my own little melodrama going on I didn't pop over here and see this.  I am so grateful that you were not hurt or worse.  Praise God!!!!!!

    How much is the esitmate on the repairs?

  2. Patrick, on the roads you drive with all the suicidal whitetail bucks,  I hope you stay with big Van's and leave the taurus for city driving.  




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