Sunday, November 13, 2005

Caregiving family and friends make all things possible

Outings demand flexibility and creativity. On one side of the pendulum, the able bodied simply “do”. On the other side the care facility environment is “controlled”. Reality for us is always somewhere in between.


Saturday Patti’s Mom was performing with a Sweet Adeline’s group and we worked to make Patti’s attendance possible. Logistical challenges were compounded as the performance was well intended and dedicated for nursing homes and elderly however the historic theater, “The Forum” chosen has only 10 accessible seating cut outs.


Fortunately Megan was with me and a family friend Jean Faul was in attendance. Megan and I carried Patti between us from her wheelchair down a row to an available seat while Jean steadied the wheel chair. We reversed the process later to get Patti back into her chair. If Patti panics such a maneuver is risky to all because of the steeply graded, half steps, and narrow aisles in any “historic” facility. Explaining what was going to happen and talking her through the steps as teamwork executed the transfer kept it all safe.


Family and friends as always makes all things possible.


MS related symptoms challenge Patti’s attention span. The show was wonderful however both attention span and the transfer challenges necessitated we exit at intermission.


The Forum is on the grounds of Pennsylvania State Capitol. One of the hidden treasures of any State or Federal “grounds” is plenty of accessible space and statues and ‘art’ monumental enough even for the “legally blind” to see and for play. Such as the huge three dimension polygons just perfect for a game of hide and seek on a perfect Fall afternoon. <grin>

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  1. The most charming thing I ever saw was in the movie Mask when he tries to show his totally blind girlfriend what clouds LOOK like...

    Sometimes your love for Patti reminds me of the movie and that scene.

    I admire you.


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