Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caregiving: baby booming-caregivers

Not a Pretty Picture: Elder-Caregiving in America

     Depression, stress and rapidly declining health paint the portrait of today's elder-caregiver in a new survey. With so many caregivers in crisis - or near crisis - what will become of the baby booming-caregivers tomorrow? Read the details of this indictment of the lack of attention paid to caregiver support systems.


… from The Caregiver's Home Companion


  1. I just figure when the time comes for me, the kids (at that time) in the neighborhood will call me 'Crazy ole Miss Jackie' and TP my yard on a regular basis just to watch me get pissed off!

    Seriously, I know it's a serious issue and try not to think about what my life will be  like at that time....

  2. Someone needs to start an organization like Hospice but not for dying patients..maybe called Respite International , that could be government funded..or non profit like my Hospice is...Bam

  3. As I've said so many times, she's so blessed to have you and I sincerely pray for your strength now and in the coming years.  I've got my new BF reading your journal in case something happens to me.  He said, that's what he's supposed to be like, in good times and in bad, he's not going anywhere.  One in million men are like you two.  Bless you and Patti both for being such an inspiration.  Thrilled you stopped by my new journal over there.  My heart jumped up to see you!

  4. Patti is a very lucky woman to have you:) have a good week


  5. hard to get people to change their opinion about what a caregiver should be.


  6. Excellent and very important article.  Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I snagged it and put over in my new site. http://www.rainbowsandsunbeams.com  :-)

    Have a great day, my amazing friend.


  7. I've always known when my parents get older and are in need of help, I will help them.  I have a feeling neither of my brothers would do it.  You are such a great and rare husband for all you have done for your wife!!



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