Sunday, October 29, 2006

Caregiving: Trick or Treat - our history

 “Trick or Treat” has been one of the more visible juggling acts through the years between caregiving and parenting. Beginning with a toddler barely able to walk we progressed with a parent unable to walk.


I adapted “us” by choosing to go over the top. With yard decorations second to none, music and PA, and theatrical fog and lights our house became a MUST stop on the neighborhood tour of treat seeking ghosts and goblins. As a further lure we rarely gave out candy. Patti sat in her wheelchair and dispensed fun treats such as glow in the dark necklaces, or rubber snakes. Kids came from everywhere.


Our peak year we distributed 242 glow in the dark necklaces. The fact that Patti was in a wheel chair probably wasn’t even noticed. She was more involved in Trick or Treat and had more fun than most able bodied parents wandering around with their kids.


One year we even tried a trip to wheelchair friendly Universal Studios in Florida for Halloween Horror Night. I was pleasantly startled when an actor costumed as a zombie stepped up next to me and mimed that he wanted to push Patti’s wheelchair. We all had a great laugh when Patti “finally” turned to see why her conversation was being greeted by grunts and groans.


Even with the 24/7 care facility era Patti’s room has raised the bar for Trick or Treat.


The memories would take too many words so here's two minutes of Trick or Treat photos through the years beginning with a rare picture of pre MS Patti standing and without visual impairment having fun at a wack-a-mole game. … While digging up photos I couldn’t resist closing with a few pre-historic Trick or Treat shots of yours truly.



  1. Patrick, Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of photos! They are great memories!!

  2. what great memories:) thank you for sharing i love the glow in the dark braclet idea


  3. ..........menories,such joy

  4. That was a happy video! Patti and you were real foxes in those days. I love the one of your daughter dressed as a hippie... must have brought back some memories for you when she dressed like that ... <grin>. Loved this entry. Once again, you have gone through great lengths to make every holiday and seasonal event extra special in your family. Bea

  5. Loved the pictures! You always did do the best productions.

  6. Thanks for the peek into your Halloweens. Patty looks great.Your daughter is adorable.bam

  7. Sounds all wonderful and atmospheric.  It's a novel idea to give the necklaces away, that's a brilliant thought.  Can't see the picture but I can imagine.............what fun the kids must have had then.  Your memories are their memories too. Rache


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