Friday, December 01, 2006

Caregiving: Cluster Headaches continued

Multiple Sclerosis casts a long shadow. In our story my health as a caregiver always exists in shadow. I suspect that’s true for most caregiving relationships. 


If any day of anyone’s life were shown as a painting it would of course be shown from the artist’s perspective. However, for a caregiver any injury, illness, or condition that itself might be labeled disabling is trumped to the background and that’s that.


Back on Nov 10th … I shared Caregiving: Cluster Headaches - my Achilles Heel. The beast continues to rip and shred my sanity from my head. I grovel to find and reassemble the pieces, only to repeat this dance of madness hours later.


It is always weird while doing research to read of the spouse caregivers and family support of Cluster Headache sufferers. MS prevented Patti from helping, rather she needed my help. Megan was a child and didn’t need another parent who couldn’t help her.


It always seems to go back to perspective. … As long as I’ve been a caregiver, I don’t believe I ever given much thought to what it is like to receive care.


Anyway … this journal may continue to collect some dust over the weeks ahead. That’s NOT perspective, just some days those last pieces of the sanity puzzle are tough to fit together.


This entry’s artwork is borrowed from Cluster Headache sufferer David Jackson. 


  1. ...................your remarks are so true.  When the caregiver doesn't feel well, things must go on.  There is usually the obligatory I'm sorry you feel badly,etc.
    But the patient can seldom go any farther than that.  Mother forgets almost immediately that something is wrong, wants to put a band-aid on it, or suggests an aspirin.   Jack goes farther and suggests that I just rest,etc., but then who cooks the meals, cleans, does the laundry,etc?  I think I have mentioned that I took out the lifetime care insurance for ME!  I have choices of where the care takes place, also.  
      On a different note, have you tried CHOCOLATE for the terrible headaches?  I think chocolate cures everything! lol

  2. Try accupressure Patrick. Press hard for a few moments on the webby area beteween you thumb and forefinger on both hands. Hope it helps..Bam

  3. Patrick,
    The David Jackson art puts a realistic spin for those of us who do not suffer from these terrible intruders from which you suffer.  I hope the light comes to you, forever protecting you from the dark side!

  4. have you tried Midrin? it helps with my migraines. Chocolate is another good thing:) hope the headaches go away soon


  5. Ouch, that first picture made my head hurt.  I'm sorry about the headaches, sounds like that is the last thing you need now.


  6. (((( gentle hugs again )))) headaches send the whole body into electric shock, I do sympathise with you Patrick.  I read from your comments that Chocolate is prescribed, probably because of the serotine it has.  I like chocolate, yet over here they say stay away from it, and cheese, when a headache is around.  Differing medical advice from across the seas. Take care of you and if the journal gathers a little dust whilst you're non too well know you're in thoughts for a headache free time. Rache

  7. Patrick, I am sorry... I wondered how you were doing, but have been too busy to get to all my alerts... and then as I did go through them today I was thinking, I haven't seen any alerts from Patrick lately... wonder if those cluster headaches are still incapacitating him... and then the answer came today, a day late... that last graphic is so sinister, "catch you again later," it whispered quietly as it receded back into the darkness... that's exactly what it feels like when they go away. I hope it isn't much longer. I can see how you have had to let your health be of secondary concern to taking care of Patty's and Megan's. But you have a third person to care for, your Self! Who takes care of the Caregiver? Who rescues the Rescuer? Who mends the Healer?  You need a caregiver, too. Bea

  8. I'm sorry Patick! I suffer from those too and they are awful!  Big HUGS



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