Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas 'road trip' - Dec 23

Do you ever wonder if things happen for a reason? Instead of arriving on the rainy, miserable previous day; we arrived in Philadelphia to sunny skies and temps that peaked at 60 degrees! Yes, 60 degrees!


It was spectacular for scootering along the waterfront park from our hotel, Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing (pictured looming over the harbor), to South Street, Philadelphia’s version of Greenwich Village. Where we met our daughter to drop off her hotel key as she had been waiting in line since before noon for an evening CKY concert.


US HISTORY embraces you in Philadelphia. We all had to memorize it in school but walking or rolling across the ground can give me chills.  … Or maybe it was just the bone jarring cobblestones. (How about just a few symbolic cobblestones? I get the point, but this is the 21st Century.) I have no doubt the Founding Fathers would gladly embrace concrete or asphalt if available to them. <grin>


We continued scootering along the water front parks basking in the spectacular weather. Tall ships, gunboats, and monuments are perfect for Patti’s visual impairments and the wider, less congested, park style paths were ideal for scootering.


We docked with our van at twilight to head into the center of town for Christmas decoration viewing. Rittenhouse Square had been recommended but didn’t impress Patti. We rolled from Rittenhouse Square to the City Hall Christmas Tree. A surprising treat were all the corporate lobbies/atriums along Market Street leading to City Hall. Banks and Corporations seemed almost to be ‘competing’ for best lobby.


Philadelphia City Hall is a spectacular back drop to the city Christmas Tree and most important to us even the ornaments were large enough for Patti to see and sit and enjoy on a balmy night.



  1. What a grand tree!! I know Patti must have enjoyed her trip.  BTW, I can only imagine how cobblestones while manuvering a wheelchair must have been like!

  2. Sixty degrees! Unbelievable this time of year. I can see why you made the road trip here at Christmas time. Beautiful! bea

  3. I love the picture of Patti sitting in front of the City tree.  I'm glad you had such beautiful weather for you and Patti to enjoy your outing - much better than the previous day.  I enjoy the way you make a picture come to life with your words.  Gloria    

  4. I think your pictures are beautiful, especially your Wife and the Christmas tree.
    Also enjoyed the Rocky one. Your story is inspirational.


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