Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas 'road trip' - Dec 22

Homer should be writing this entry as it seemed the gods were determined to actively disrupt our departure.


Our timetable first collapsed under the double whammy of hurting my back with the first solo Depend change at home while packing, then an almost simultaneous disabling Cluster Headache. 


Inches of rain continued to fall as I rolled Patti in an out of the van for last minute scatter brained errands.


Finally with the van fully loaded with suitcases, electric scooter, and Patti secured in her wheelchair I turned the ignition key only to discover clicking noises instead of the roar of the engine. … Hours ticked futilely by as I unloaded eveything and tried to arrange for service and towing on the Friday before Christmas weekend. Grrrrr!


Instead of Philadelphia, Patti and I spent Friday evening with a bag of Wendy’s food in the waiting room at National Tire and Battery. Patti kept the spirit alive pointing out that it was a treat to have Wendy's. She couldn't remember when she last had a Wendy's burger. Pausing to glance around she added, "but my memory is terrible, I don't even know where we are." <grin>


  1. How disheartening to begin a trip this way! But it sounds like it all turned out fine for you guys!

  2. and a cluster headache on top of it all... anything but that! You know, when I got sick this week, one thing I was grateful for was that I did not have a headache. I remember telling the doctor this on Friday last week. I can handle most symptoms and still function, but major headaches put me down. So she prescribes me hydrocodone to suppress the coughing so I can sleep at night, and guess what? Yep, side effect was a headache. I didn't cough muchduring the night, but the headache prevented me from sleeping! I'd rather deal with coughing all night than the headache... well, maybe not. It only lasted two days (the headache) so I am also grateful again. I hope yours is gone already. BTW, You make me laugh with your insight. Bea

  3. I'm smiling...leave it to Patti to save the day with her Wendy's burger and her memory.  I love her comments.  Gloria


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