Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caregiving: it's finally correct

Just today, June 13th, I received the first correct and updated balance due for Patti’s prescription costs. Last month in an entry “Caregiving: war with bureaucracy” I shared our 2007 version of our annual brawl over prescription plan coverage. 


What if someone in need did not have an advocate that could devote 500 uncompensated hours since the year began to just war with bureaucracy? 


In addition to the time, what if a family could not plunge $2,500 into savings or debt hoping and praying it all got settled?


What if you could not handle the stress?


I find it horribly wrong that people who are unable to defend themselves are preyed upon by our US healthcare insurance system.


I am indebted to those few people who have the character to know right and wrong and work to make it right.  


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. could it be.........miracles can still happen?

  2. i know my sis has always had to fight to get her precriptions. glad you got it worked out


  3.  Good for you for getting it straightened out.  


  4. ((((((((((((((((hUgsTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad it all worked out.Have a nice night.

  5. YYYIIIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!  I know you've been working like a trojan on that 'project' all year! Perhaps now, you can take a mini-break from it and relax a little! Thank goodness you are able to devote that much time to it, at least, enough squeak to grease the wheel!


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