Thursday, January 24, 2008

Caregiving: dotting the i's, crossing the t's

Getting it right, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, on caregiving related paperwork makes more difference than it should. Transcribing this unique life to forms is frankly impossible yet must be done. 


Each caregiver manages and evolves however I do sometimes wonder what if someone had to step in for any reason.


You can compile a library of three ring binders full of records yet how do you really share the trial and error learned experiences, those fragments of memory that click in to place like the snap of a finger.


Immersed in the methodical tediousness of TaxCut and yearly Medicaid revue paperwork, I find myself day dreaming in the random colors of worry. Odd destination for a mental vacation.


Caregivingly Yours,

J Patrick Leer

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  1. and the sad thing it is every year the same forms with variations as they seem fit; generating tons of paperwork for a condition that is not going to improve, something seems wrong here in beaurocracy that they just can't send a simplified form with something like "indicate changes from last year's reporting".


  2. (((( hugs and coffee )))) paperwork is a tiresome thing. Rache

  3.  I bet your tax work is a nightmare.  I feel for you.  It would give me colors of blue and grey


  4. Listing all the minutia that's involved in the care and feeding of a human who isn't 100% (who is?) can bring home very quickly just how much is repetative yet still requires being done, always, over and over.  But all I see is a generosity of spirit so selfless that form-filling becomes a sacred chore.  Kudos!  xoxo CATHY


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